Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enabling remote telnet access to your phone

I was messing with busybox on my Droid X the other day using the tiny android gingebread keyboard, and started wondering "dang, i'm making too many typos and this is really a pain".  So I decided to enable telnetd so I can telnet in from my macbook and use my gigantic keyboard.   Here's how you do it:

  1. get on a secure wifi network (well you don't have to but you'd want to - trust me)
  2. run Terminal from your phone
  3. type "telnetd -l /system/bin/sh"
  4. obtain your phone's IP address from android settings
  5. run terminal software from your laptop/desktop
  6. telnet to the ip address
  7. when you're done, kill telnetd: "pkill telnetd"
Voila!  Now you can hack away without having to use the phone keyboard, or connect it to your PC via USB.

 [insert extremely satisfied happy face here]

UPDATE: Be sure to read my followup post here!


  1. What version of Busybox are you running? The one that came with Liberty (at least on my X) does not have telnetd.


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  2. Hi maxpower! 1.17.1 is what I'm currently running.

  3. this is great, thank you for this

  4. how can i pass telnet commands to my device ?
    ex: gsm call 879798798

    In emulator , this works fine. i'm getting call, sms by telnet commands. but how pass my telnet commands to my own device ?
    somebody please guide me !