Tuesday, January 25, 2011

top: part 2

Sometime I wonder what's eating up the memory on the phone.  Ok, I lied - I wonder all the time. Well, there's an easy, reliable and accurate way to get your answer using what else, top!

Forget all those apps you see in the market, uninstall your task killers.  Top is where it's at!

Let's take a quick look.  The command I used below will show you the top 10 memory hogs that are currently running on my Droid X.

"-m" tells top to show the top 10 entries, "-n" tells it to run it 5 times and quit, and "-s rss" tells it to sort it by memory usage.

# top -m 10 -n 5 -s rss

User 5%, System 5%, IOW 1%, IRQ 0%
User 16 + Nice 0 + Sys 18 + Idle 268 + IOW 6 + IRQ 0 + SIRQ 0 = 308

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
18230   2% S    70 355932K  69068K  fg system   system_server
26822   0% S    21 203692K  35368K  bg app_32   com.alphonso.pulse
23414   0% S    31 214036K  33912K  bg app_63   com.google.android.apps.reader
30083   0% S     8 178724K  28324K  bg app_86   android.process.acore
19879   0% S    13 177228K  26544K  bg app_76   com.thedeck.android.app
24994   0% S    14 176612K  25364K  bg app_100  com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity
30419   0% S    15 175128K  23964K  fg app_110  com.googlecode.android_scripting
30356   0% S    11 166524K  23876K  fg app_113  com.genusproject.apps.eztvlisting
18311   0% S    12 186164K  22976K  fg app_33   net.thinkindifferent.inputmethod.latin

You can ignore system_server, but you see what floats up on top? 

/me uninstalls Pulse.  If an app is going to take up more than 30MB RSS and 200MB VSS, it better be a killer app like the Google Reader.

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