Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not so universal for original Droid

I was recently approached by Jason at Droidforums to see if I can make a zip for my tweaks for Droid 1.  Working with him closely (since I don't have a D1) I was able to come up with a slightly crippled version of my mods for Droid 1 running Project Elite ROM (but it should work for any ROMs that have init.d support).


To check to see if the mods are working: open Terminal Emulator and type "bash /system/etc/imoseyon/" without quotes.

I'll try my best to further enhance the mods but I'll need some help from other D1 users. :)


  1. Mainism, can you email me the output of the following two commands?

    sh /system/etc/imoseyon/

  2. Is there any point of using your script if I don't have my SD card set up with a SWAP partition?

    I was looking through the script and it appears to have some other benefits.

  3. Todd, yeah it does tune a bunch of other stuff. You can go through some of my older posts for more details.

  4. Also, I'm using it on an OG Droid, so I appreciate you making a file specific for the Droid.

  5. I also appreciate this tremendously. I've been reading about this for a few months now on your site, but since I'm on the OG Droid I've only been able to apply a minimal amount of the things I've read. This is the breakthrough I've been waiting for in my opinion, for my phone's sake!! Thanks again for your hard work.

  6. This is the best tweak that I tried so far!
    Thanks buddy!

  7. More than willing to help of you are still looking for D1 owners.