Friday, May 20, 2011

DX/D2 tweaks new version (man it's been a while)

Sorry guys, I've been pretty busy developing kernels for thunderbolt in the recent weeks in my spare time. Which i don't have a lot of due to a full time job (in case someone from work is reading this). ;)

Here's an updated zip for DX/D2 users.  If you're already on thunderbolt, you shouldn't have to flash this zip (although it won't fail) - you should be flashing my kernels instead!  If you're on someone else's kernel and flashing this zip to get my tweaks shame on you! :-)

v7.1 (download)

To verify that all the tweaks are in place:
  1. Open Terminal Emulator
  2. su
  1. Latest busybox compiled by yours truly.
  2. Modified enable scripts to work on GB ROMs.
  3. Easier to run check script (see above).
  4. SD card speed boost.
NOTE: the latest version has been tested on Gingerbread only.  Should work fine on Froyo but hasn't been tested. Also, if you're running ZombieStomped there's no need to flash.

NOTE to D1 users: Been working with Liquid to develop kernels for D1 as well.  Still work in progress.