Monday, April 16, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Kernel Features

Been working on Galaxy Nexus kernels almost exclusively for a while. It's not the easiest kernel to work on. The omap4 architecture seems to be very picky about every little change, so I could make a seemingly harmless small mod and BAM the battery drains 2x as fast.

Anyway, I have a Rootzwiki thread, which sees a lot of traffic and I can't usually keep up with the discussions there.  I thought maybe I can use my page (which I haven't used in a while) to collect some feature requests from users.  So what about it?  If you'd love to see a feature please post it here.  Keep in mind that I'd probably end up getting to less than 10% of the requests, as this is a "minimalistic" kernel and all. :)  Please try to post feature requests only, all other discussions should go back to the Rootzwiki thread.